Lancashire Tippers design and build an extensive range of commercial vehicle bodywork for customers' individual bespoke needs. Quality is always high on the agenda which we support by continued investment in our production and design facilities, backed up by a well established and skilled workforce.
As one of the UK's leading truck bodybuilders, our forward thinking reputation for innovation, versatility and performance is predominant in the Utilities sector which further compliments our standard range of products.
Working closely with local authorities and contractors we are able to provide a vehicle which is tailored to your needs and working procedures.


Working closely with local authorities and contractors we are able to provide a vehicle which is tailored to your teams needs and working procedures.
Safety is of the utmost concern and the Kinshofer pole manipulator makes positioning and removal of lamp posts and telegraph poles able with more control.
Compressor system fitted with hose reels fitted at various points around the vehicle to allow remote use of air tools.
Behind cab gantry provides cab protection and detachable rear gantry protects rear door.
A feature that can be adapted to this application is the extending rear body which allows the use of a short vehicle in confined streets.


Various manual and Radio Remote Crane options
Kinshofer Pole Manipulator
Rear Tipping body for disposal of loose materials
Extendable rear body
Steel or Aluminium dropside construction
Front Loading Pole Gantry
Sliding Rear Body For Long Pole Stowage
Gardner Denver Compressed Air System
Hose Stowage Boxes
Handwash Unit
LED Lighting To Customer Spec


Working closely with traffic management firms and local authorities throughout the UK our standard bodywork design has been tailored to suit the individual bespoke requirements of the customer.
Over the years we have developed our various TMV body specs at all weights from 3.5t to 32t GVW including Traffic Management, Incident Protection Vehicles and Crash cushions.
As a workstation for your employees, often in environments that are potentially dangerous It is imperative that the design and construction of the body incorporates all aspects of health and safety for your employees.
Whatever your requirements for traffic management vehicles, we have tried and tested solutions incorporating all of the latest safety features.


Various signboard options dependant on application.
Various crash cushion options dependant on application.
Various tailift options dependant on application.
Demountable body systems
Various Dropwell configurations dependant on vehicle size
Steel or Aluminium dropside construction
Handwash Unit
LED Lighting To Customer Spec
Other options available on requests.

Proteus Hot Boxes are available to fit as permanent, dedicated tipping chassis mounts, in various sizes to suit different trucks.

The HB3M 'Street Fixer' is a 2.7 tonne capacity mobile Hot Box for tipper mounting. This model comes complete with storage areas for tools, wacker plates and so on. The Street Fixer is for mounting to a 7.5 tonne GVW chassis and is the ideal all-in-one solution for small road repairs.

The HB9M is a 9 tonne capacity mobile Hot Box for tipper mounting, designed for fitting to an 18 tonne GVW truck. Its larger cousin, the HB15M, will hold 15 tonnes of material and is designed for a 26 tonne GVW tipper. The tipping mechanism replaces the traditional auger, and this speeds up discharge times with no sacrifice in control and offers all the maintenance benefits associated with having far fewer wearing parts.

All these Boxes feature two chambers enabling customers to store separate mixes, and utilise our gentle-burning thermostatically controlled propane gas heating. For the ultimate ease of operation, they are available with optional pneumatic-powered lids operated from the cab.

All our chassis-mounted Hot Boxes are also available to buy as brand new complete units pre-mounted onto integral Euro 5 trucks complete with a range of 'full spec' extras. If you would like more information on these then just give us a call.